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Walking Your New Puppy

Walking your new pup:

As I am working with the Aussiedoodles I have been thinking of some great pointers for everyone.

#1: Before you begin any training program the BEST thing that you can do is build a foundation of trust. This is really easy for me because I care for the puppies from day 1.
When you bring your puppy home at 8 or 10 weeks they need to get to know you for a few days. Feed them, love on them and play with them. It will help them to know you will care for them, so any uncertainties they have during training can be worked through on the basis of trust.

#2: Do not pull!!! These are babies. Though they may be smart being on lead will never be a positive experience if they are pulled. If they do not want to come, get down low and call them. Usually if I make a kissey noise with my mouth they will come.

#3: Talk to them all the way through.
I am in constant vocal contact with the puppies that are learning. A lot of “yes!,” and “good dog.” If they stop walking I use the word “walk.” This helps them see the difference from “come,” and “walk,” which is more of a “let’s get going.” As they get used to the lead you dont have to talk so much and they will get more confident in what they are doing.

#4: Be patient in the first few days.
On day 1 I do not make them stay to my left side. I let them go where ever they want it they are staying moving. I want them to view the leash as fun, something that they want to do. As we get more comfortable I begin to make demands. I will begin only walking them from the left side and if the cross to the right, I stop, step in front and over and we begin again.

#5: Confidence is the biggest hurdle. You have to be confident in yourself before your dood will ever take you seriously. You are the boss!!! While you can be very loving and patient they will have to take steps to the way you are training them. As long as your corrections are consistent they will understand and follow along.

Please ask questions if you need!


Jason Scott

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