F1b Micro Sheepadoodle Puppy Contract John Williams

Open Range Sheepadoodle Contract

Contract Agreement(s):


 Puppy/Dog Purchase Contract _ Initial Contract
 Health Guarantee Puppy/Dog _ Initial Contract


This Agreement between (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) and Open Range Pups PO box 457 Eckert CO 81418 (hereinafter known as “Open Range”) pertains to the following: 


Client’s Dog: Sunny Puppy  Breed: Sheepadoodle 

DOB: June 30th 2018 Color: Black/white (hereinafter referred to as “Dog/Puppy/Service Dog”) 


For good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:


Puppy/Dog Purchase Contract


There was no litter deposit paid therefore leaving a balance of $3347.50 (with credit card processing fee) due in CASH/CHECK/CREDIT when puppy is purchased. The buyer will have 7 days after the puppy reaches 12 weeks to pick up the puppy, unless special arrangements are made (such as flight arrangements); or otherwise enrolled in an Open Range Training Program. If you do not pick up the puppy by 7 days after the puppy is 12 weeks (or upon completion of the training agreement) there will be a fee of $35.00 per day added to your balance until your puppy is picked up by you. This covers our cost of care, such as housing, food, etc. Deposits are Nonrefundable. All money orders and payments must be made payable to Open Range Pups. If they are not they will be returned to you. All dogs/puppies can be registered with the CKC. Paperwork will be sent to the owner only after proof of spay or neuter is presented to and inspected by the breeder. 


A: To the best of my knowledge, THIS PUPPY is in healthy and sound Condition at the time of sale. Parvovirus and Distemper vaccines must be given at two and four week intervals following the first vaccine given by the breeders veterinarian. Keep all medical records and shot records from your vet. 


B: All puppies/dogs are sold on LIMITED CKC REGISTRATION ONLY. Spay or neuter your new puppy from 6-8 months and provide proof to seller or papers will not be sent. Under no circumstances can the puppy be used for breeding without express written permission. If a person breeds a puppy purchased without the consent of Open Range Pups (Dawn Scott) they fully understand that they forfeit the proceeds of any earnings from that litter and Open Range Pups will press charges to the fullest extent of the law. 


C: We do not guarantee eye color, ears set, conformation, disposition and/or breeding. 


D: I guarantee puppy’s/dog’s genetic health up to four years from the date of birth, It is your responsibility as a new pet parent to assure your puppy gets the needs it requires and is safe in his or her new environment. Health guarantee does not cover parasites, internal or external as these are treatable conditions and very easy to contract anywhere. Health guarantee is provided separately with its own terms and conditions. 


E: SELLER WILL NOT REFUND MONEY IN ANY SITUATION. (EXCEPTION: Puppy dies of genetic causes before the four year Health guarantee is up.) Any vet bills are the responsibility of the Buyer with NO EXCEPTIONS. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND GIVEN IF A BUYER “CHANGES HIS/HER MIND”. Buying a puppy is a huge responsibility…… please BE SURE!!! We MAY take the puppy back, and possibly trade it for a different puppy, depending on the situation, but there will be NO REFUNDS. 


F: I do periodically check up on my puppies and will request a picture and information on how he/she is doing in his/her new home. 


If this dog is offered for sale or transfer to a third party, other than an immediate family member, the puppy/dog shall first be offered to seller at the same terms, in writing, and the seller has ten (10) days to accept or reject this right of first-offer. If this puppy/dog should, anytime in its lifetime, need to be surrendered at no cost, the seller will reclaim this puppy/dog to keep, or place in new home. 


G: The undersigned buyer herby acknowledges having read the terms of the contract and does hereby agree to abide by each of the provisions set forth above. In addition, we reserve the right to deny an adoption to anyone for any reason.

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Health Guarantee:

We (Open Range Pups) guarantee in writing that your new puppy is free from genetic defects for a period of 48 months from date of birth. If your puppy were to develop any problems caused by genetics please contact us immediately. Any claim of defect must be accompanied by written proof from a licensed veterinarian. We reserve the right to have our veterinarian check the puppy over before any decisions are made. Preventable or contagious diseases/illnesses are not covered under our health guarantee due to the fact that they can be contracted anywhere and are treatable. We are not responsible for the puppy after it leaves our possession. I do my very best to provide you with a healthy puppy. It is your responsibility as a pet parent to keep them that way. HEALTH GUARANTEE IS VOID IF PUPPY HAS NOT RECEIVED VETERINARIAN CARE AT LEAST 3 TIMES IN ITS FIRST 12 MONTHS NOT INCLUDING MY VET

These Micro Sheepadoodle pups have seen the vet at Open Range 3 times, we still advise an appointment when your puppy comes home to establish care for your puppy. 

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Signed by Dawn Scott
Signed On: December 28, 2018

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